Marketspace: Opening Public Spaces

The City of Healdsburg has been actively engaging our business community to assist you in managing through the coronavirus pandemic as we safely move toward a more business-friendly phase. Healdsburg business owners, including retail, restaurant, tasting rooms, art galleries, hotels, and more have been providing valuable input on the concept of opening sidewalks, streets, alleyways, parking stalls, parks and other public places to enhance social distancing for the benefit local business. Here you will find updated resources for our new Marketspace program that relates to opening public space in Healdsburg to help local business thrive during and post COVID-19.

Temporary Parklet Permit Guidelines

Temporary Parklet Permit

On Monday, June 1, 2020, Healdsburg City Council adopted Resolution 64-2020 authorizing the City Manager to issue Temporary Outdoor Activities Permits that allow Healdsburg businesses to utilize portions of public spaces in commercial districts. This action was done to provide additional outdoor space for business operation and physical distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday, April 5, 2021, City Council adopted Resolution 34-2021, which essentially extended these permits under the new Temporary Parklet Permit and updated program guidelines. Healdsburg business owners, including retail, restaurant, tasting rooms, art galleries, hotels, and so forth can now apply to make use of public space using the Temporary Parklet Permit application. Public spaces include, but are not limited to, sidewalks, alleyways, parking stalls, parks and other public right-of-ways. 

Submit application: 


Scott Mann, Engineering Technician


Please contact us if you have any questions on:
  • Temporary Parklet Program
  • Ongoing Parklet Program


  • No application fee is required in applying for a Temporary Parklet Permit 
  • The Planning and Building Department charges a $170/per hour fee to applicants for the time spent reviewing professional parklet drawings along with the inspection of your construction for all approved building permits. Applicants that choose to build a more elaborate construction that includes any sort of construction overhead will require a building permit. This fee goes toward the inspection of your construction.  
  • Additional fees may apply depending on parklet location and use. Fees are assigned based on the current Master Fee Schedule.

Other possible fees: 

(Not collected by the City of Healdsburg)
  • Temporary ABC License (one-time $100 fee for outdoor alcohol service during COVID)      
  • CUPA certification (training required to handle propane under outdoor tents, annual fee is roughly $400)
  • Any professional designs (required for a building permit) 
  • Additional fees may apply depending on parklet use.

Other costs:

  • The business constructing the parklet is fully responsible for all construction and setup costs, operations and maintenance that complies with health orders, full liability release and indemnification, and provision of insurance. 
  • The business shall remove a parklet, or portion of a parklet, at its own cost, if necessary for public utility or street maintenance/repair purposes, as determined by the City. This may include full removal of the parklet installation in order to access below ground, street level, or above ground utilities, trees, and other City infrastructure.
  • The business shall be responsible for repairing any damage caused to the street/curb/gutter/sidewalk as a result of the parklet, once the parklet is removed.
Drink up the street

CA Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

The COVID-19 Temporary Catering Authorization is intended to assist qualified hospitality businesses with reopening in a manner that is consistent with local and state health and safety directives. This specifically includes temporarily expanding the licensed area of a qualified business to accommodate patrons while abiding by social distancing guidelines and directives. Any licensee with on-sale retail privileges may qualify for a COVID-19 Temporary Catering Authorization.
Marketspace Alcohol Rules Flyer - Eng-Spa_Page_1

Temporary Changes to Consumption of Alcohol Regulations in the Downtown Area

As part of the City’s efforts to support our local businesses and in conjunction with Alcoholic Beverage Control’s new catering authorization, City Council has waived sections of Healdsburg’s Municipal Code to temporarily allow consumption of alcohol in the downtown area on sidewalks and parking spaces (called parklets) for businesses that have been permitted to expand their operations under the City’s new Marketspace program. In addition, City Council’s action also allows the consumption of alcohol in the Plaza and West Plaza parks during regular park hours. Carrying an open container on streets and sidewalks outside of these two allowances continues to be prohibited. You can download a printable flyer of the new regulations in English and Spanish. More information on this decision can be found in City Council Resolution 75-2020.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Sonoma County Economic Development Board