Residential Building Programs and Rebates

New energy rebates and updates will be available by April 1!

Healdsburg Electric customers can save money and energy with the following rebates. For questions or assistance, please contact us via email or call 707-431-3122.


Heat Pumps

Heat Pump HVAC systems provide both heating and cooling while reducing energy and improving the comfort of your home. 

Heat Pump HVAC Installation Rebate Form

AC and Heat Pump Tune-up Rebate Form

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Weatherizing your home is an important step to reduce heat flows and therefore save on heating and cooling costs while improving thermal comfort. Eligible weatherization measures include:

  • Low-E windows
  • Enhanced attic and wall insulation

Weatherization Rebate Form

Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

Save money on heating and cooling by simply installing a wifi-enabled smart thermostat that can be programmed any time from your smart phone.

Smart Thermostat Rebate Form

EnergyStar Appliances


Enervee's IDEAL Marketplace helps consumers compare products and specifications with regards to energy use and energy costs.

Clothes Washer Rebate Form

Pool Pump

Pool Pump Rebate

If you have a pool, the pump uses the most electricity of any single product in your home. Variable speed pool pumps can run at different speeds and be programmed to match your pool's needs with appropriate speed.

Pool Pump Rebate Form

Other Residential Building Programs and Financing

GoGreen Financing logo w State seal

GoGreen Financing

Administered by the State of California, GoGreen Financing puts energy efficiency upgrades within reach, with attractive rates and terms and no property liens. Upgrade your home or small business with an efficient heating and cooling system, insulation, new windows, cool roof and more. Looking to decarbonize your home? Residents can finance heat pumps and induction ranges through GoGreen Home. 

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Energy Independence Program Logo

Energy Independence Program 

The Sonoma County Energy Independence Program offers financing to property owners for energy efficiency, water efficiency and renewable energy improvements through a voluntary assessment. These assessments will be attached to the property, not the owner and will be paid back through the property tax system over time, making the program not only energy efficient but also affordable.

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Solar PV Array

Residential Solar

Use the sun to generate your own electricity. Electricity generated by your solar PV system directly reduces the amount of energy you need to purchase from your utility. Tax credits are also available to help you with the installation of your PV system.

Lear more about solar installations here.
Smarter House Logo

Smarter House Financing

Federal tax incentives are available for certain energy efficiency upgrades. The Smarter House provides details on eligible products and projects. 

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