Climate Mobilization Strategy

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The City of Healdsburg is developing a Climate Mobilization Strategy  (CMS) in support of State and Regional greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals. The Strategy identifies key measures and actions that will be most impactful in reducing GHG emissions, are equitable, feasible, and community driven.

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Draft Document

The full draft document and appendices are available here:

Staff presented the draft CMS to City Council on Tuesday, September 5 and expect to return in mid-October to consider adoption. If you have comments on the CMS, please send them to

Thank you to all the community members that have provided feedback and input throughout the Climate Mobilization Strategy development!

Activities & Documents


In Progress

  • Finalizing CMS documents based on feedback received
  • Bi-weekly and ad-hoc meetings between Rincon and lead City staff
  • Bi-weekly and ad-hoc meetings between lead City staff


  • Council Presentation - Climate Mobilization Strategy Adoption (October 16 tentative)

City Council Policies

Regional Planning & GHG Emission Inventories

The City of Healdsburg works closely with the Regional Climate Protection Authority (RCPA). The RCPA coordinates climate protection activities countywide and performs a variety of important related functions including advocacy, project management, planning, finance, grant administration, and research.